Linkedin Automation to Boost Connections and Sales

LinkedIn automation matchmaking: automate LinkedIn connections and messages to generate more leads and boost your ROI.


Build relationships on autopilot and get 15x the responces with Linkedin automation connecting and messaging new leads. Grow your business week after week, with new qualified leads and prospects.

Step up your outreach and grow your business everyday with Linkedin automation!

This is how it works…

We send out connection requests to 2nd adn 3rd degree connections. Then, we send custom autoresponce messages to those new connections.

1. We Collect Your Business Info

First we collect information about your business so that we know who to target and what kind of messages to send on your behalf.

2. Upgrade your account and pull your first list!

We then pull a list of 1000+ users a week to connect and message through Linkedin.

3. Messages are sent and you start to respond

Once messages go out, those new connections will start to message you back. Now its your turn to turn those cold leads into new client!

How is this different from other Lead Gen Systems?

Many Lead Gen Systems require you to download clunky programs that take up computer space and require desktop management to run and find leads. This means if you aren’t tied to your computer, you AREN’T getting leads. 

This system does NOT require desktop management and is running night and day, maintained by US, all you have to so it responds to your new leads and take it from there! 

The automation stops for each lead when they reach out and connect with you personally, so you do not repeat messaging people who are already in contact with you.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s help you find more leads and grow your Linkedin relationships.